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I have written and published over fifteen tax books, one math book and a crappy fiction novel.

My two most useful books are The Best Tax Book Nobody Buys and The Short Cheap Tax Book for Everyone. There are also Short Cheap Tax Books for Students, Military and Multi Level Marketing.

The Best Tax Book Nobody Buys has over 400 pages and 80 chapters, most of which are life events such as buying a house, having a child, getting divorced or going to college with detailed and easy to understand details of the tax implications of each.

The Short Cheap Tax Books have mostly single page slices of critical tax advice that is applicable to almost everyone.

The Short Cheap Math Book is just that, a short refresher of major math topics from counting to basic algebra.

Kirk’s First Crappy Nano Book: The Sword is also just what it sounds like, a crappy fiction book written for National Novel Writing Month. I told myself that if I didn’t perfect it for publication within 10 years of writing it that I would publish it “as-is” and call it Kirk’s First Crappy Nano Book. It is actually decently edited and a reasonably fun read.

Here are links to the best books and my Author page for the rest:

The Best Tax Book Nobody Buys:

The Short Cheap Tax Book for Everyone:

Author Page:

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