I am a retired submarine Master Chief with 25 years experience operating, maintaining and teaching Naval Nuclear Propulsion Plants. For those in the Nuclear Field, I was an Engineering Laboratory Technician – you know what that means. I taught math at Naval Nuclear Power School for 4 years and have written the books The Short Cheap Tax Book for Military and The Short Cheap Math Book.

Almost half of my clients are current or former military and I am at the forefront of analyzing and explaining the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act and the significant changes to the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act passed on January 5th of 2023, which looks to give significantly better options for service members and their spouses regarding state residency. I can explain all of your residency options and the advantages and disadvantages of each. I have experience preparing taxes in all states and understand the intricacies of filing a tax return for a spouse in a state different from the military member. Every year I publish a blog post with short and clear explanations of how each state taxes members of the military.

You can read the 2022 State by State Military Tax Guide here:

I fully understand how to handle military moves, both for those who move themselves, and those who have the military move them (and I feel your pain for that – I’ve been there). I can explain how transitioning out of the military affects your taxes, including retirement. I know the difference between VA disability, DFAS pension, medical retirement, and how to handle each one. I’ve been deployed, I’ve PCS’ed, I’ve applied for and received VA disability, and I have retired from the military. I’ve been there.

I have clients all over the world and can prepare taxes fully remotely, even for those deployed. I utilize Tax Dome, a secure document sharing and messaging system to complete taxes without any need for a client to come to the office.

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