I am able to advise in general on the tax implications of forming a trust and how an estate works for taxes. I am not an estate attorney so my advice is limited to the tax side of things and I always recommend working with a skilled Trust/Estate Attorney and a qualified Financial Advisor. That said, I am not one of them, and they are not a tax expert so ask ME about the tax side and them about their areas. The biggest example of why a tax professional should be consulted before transferring assets or creating a trust is that too many people will casually Quit Claim their personal residence to their children without considering the ENORMOUS potential tax implications of this decision. NEVER quit claim a property without consulting a tax professional.

Please, if someone you love passes on and you are responsible for the estate, take a few days to deal with the immediate needs of yourself and your family, but then reach out before you make too many decisions regarding the estate. Initial contact and advice is always free, up to a point, with the only charge generally being for the preparation of the tax return. There are obviously some complex situations where other charges would apply, but these will be disclosed up front with no obligation to continue to the point where charges will accrue.

Obviously since I have this section, I do prepare Trust and Estate tax returns. As with all my preparation work, there is never an obligation to pay until you have been given final results, told what the fees are, provided an explanation and given any needed advice for the future. Only at that point will you have to decide if you want to pay to finalize and file the return. If you aren’t happy with the results, fees, explanations or advice, you are free to walk away and file elsewhere.

NO RISK finding out what I can do!

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